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SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018

Projects+gallery is pleased to present "Overview is a place," a group exhibition for the SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018 (March 6th through 12th, 4 Times Square, NYC) featuring seven St. Louis-based artists who explore the pendulum swing of empowerment and dislocation from self and place as a consequence of cultural essentializing.

Featuring work by Lyndon Barrois, Jr., Addoley Dzegede, Jen Everett, Kahlil Robert Irving, Basil Kincaid, Katherine Simone Reynolds, WORK/PLAY

There is a lot of talking going on
masked in re-telling because the feeling forgiven is too much.
-Claudia Rankine

This is not a story I can tell because I wasn't there. I was there but I didn't actually see what happened. Since we were living in New York, it was hard to grasp the reality of what was happening in St. Louis. Since we were living in St. Louis, it was impossible for us to access the culture of New York. For those who were out in the streets, the reality of those in closed, safe quarters was increasingly unimaginable. When they started chanting our chant, the meaning grotesquely devoured itself. When we started crying, a place was formed by our voice. There was the city and there was the county. There was urban and there was highway berm. There were coasts separated by fly-over country. The middle was actually the periphery. The marginal was actually central. What you thought you knew of slogans, signs, patterns of stars, was now a matter of contention. Do you understand the difference between an assumption and an observation? Do you see how generalizations contradict a distinct account? The news was not real news. The president wasn't my president. It was my city, but not really. Everyone was a discrete form of strange. 

The artists in this exhibition are friends, neighbors, fellow activists, artistic peers. They've discussed the conditions of their identity in a place that has made assumptions about theirs at the critical risk of violence. On several occasions, they've collaborated on actions that have combat institutional assumptions; other times, they've written or spoken separately of their distinct selves. 

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