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Physical exaggerations in controlled dream space is a new sound presentation by St. Louis-based artist Kevin Harris, in which he attempts to create a synthetic physical environment where approximations of matter can be achieved. By using exaggerated notions of mass, inertia and gravity, the piece uses sound to simulate invisible physical bodies  accelerated within a space. 

Describing the inspiration for this work, Harris writes: "The conceptual origins of the piece are a series of reoccurring dreams I had as a child. In these dreams, I would stand alone surrounded in all directions by infinite black space. When I would move, I could feel soft, invisible objects moving through me. The faster I moved, the heavier these soft objects appeared. If I ran, the objects would completely encompass my body until they regulated and even controlled my movement.

The technical execution utilizes a theoretical concept that selects various degrees of phase angles found in high speed oscillations and creates equivalent physical shapes to be expressed within a room of specific dimensions. The room resonances are simulated by the mathematical process of convolution and combined with various oscillations to accomplish movement, depth, and position of the invisible objects."

Kevin Harris (b.1975, Oklahoma City) lives and works in Saint Louis. As a multimedia artist, curator, and electrical engineer, his practice seeks to create communal conditions by which to explore experimental psychology and fictitious emotions. His most recent artwork uses multi-channel audio and video synthesis to present complex sensory environments. Harris holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture.