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Basil Kincaid Performance 'Summoning' in Collaboration with raumlaborberlin’s Spacebuster and Pulitzer Arts Foundation

Join us for an interactive, immersive performance of Saint Louis artist Basil Kincaid's work Summoning Tuesday, September 26th at 7:00PM at the McPherson Lot at 4708 McPherson Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri. This event is a realization of Kincaid's performance piece on the occasion of a collaboration between raumlaborberlin Spacebuster and the Pulitzer Arts Foundation.

Kincaid’s project “The Summoning” is a participatory ritual guided by the artist and his assistant “spirits.” Guests should arrive wearing two layers of clothing, with an outer layer that may be cut into pieces. Scissors, needle and thread will be provided for each guest, who will be led by Kincaid through the delicate process of cutting off their neighbor’s outer layer of clothing. Participants will then exchange these fabric swatches and sew them together into quilted squares composed of parts of their own clothes and parts of their neighbor’s.

Music will accompany the experience, along with ritualistic movements performed by Kincaid and his assistants. The core idea of the performance is that collective actions summon healing spirits, and that through the stitching together of bits of ourselves and our stories, we can more intimately comprehend how we’re all necessarily connected. “The Summoning” is a ritual of active memory-making, not passive watching. It asks that we summon something within us – specifically, a bond that reminds us that we need not simply fend for ourselves. After the event Kincaid will collect all the fabric-fragments and make a single large piece.

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