Fantich & Young, Apex Predator | Darwinian Voodoo

  • projects+gallery 4733 McPherson Ave St Louis, MO, 63108 United States

The exhibition features the work of East London-based artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young, collectively known as Fantich & Young.

The exhibition marks the first solo presentation of the artists' new collection, entitled Apex Predator. Drawing on a belief system that centers on supernatural ceremonial ritual, the Apex Predator collection features male and female ceremonial attire customized with human hair, bones and eyes. The collection includes shoes, accessories and perfume vessels laden with thousands of dentures, which showcase Fantich & Young's ability to effectively merge the creative disciplines of fine art, design and fashion.

According to Fantich & Young, "An Apex Predator is a predator with no predators of their own, residing at the top of the food chain. The collection is an exploration of this concept and its relationship to social evolution in the modern world."

Having previously shown pieces from the Apex Predator collection in Europe and Western Asia, the upcoming show at projects+gallery marks the artists first solo exhibition in the United States. The exhibition will be on view at projects+gallery until December 23, 2015.