Carnival at projects+gallery, 6.1.2019 | 12:00–8:00PM

Garage Sale at projects+gallery, 6.15.2019 | 12:00–5:00PM

Picnic at projects+gallery, 6.20.2019 | 6:30–9:00PM

Arts & Crafts at projects+gallery, 7.13.2019 | 1:00–5:00PM

Energy at projects+gallery, 7.27.2019 | 11:00AM


Artist and Curator Talk for the exhibition Fashioning the Black Body, 3.15.2019. Video here.

Talk with artist Christine Corday and designer Todd Thomas, 3.2.2019. Video here.

Music Performance with artists Nathan Cook, Alex Cunningham and Kevin Harris, 2.27.2019

Holiday Blow-Up, 12.15.2018. Video highlights here.

Collect: An Event for Emerging Collectors, 12.1.2018

Artist and Curator Talk for the exhibition Cry of Victory and Short Walks to Freedom, a For Freedoms Collaboration, 10.20.2018

Storytelling Event with PROMO, Metro Trans Umbrella Group, Jess T. Dugan and Vanessa Fabbre, 9.21.2018

Talk with artist Jess T. Dugan and Social Worker Vanessa Fabbre on the occasion of their exhibition To Survive on This Shore, 9.15.2018

Artist Talk for the exhibition Seeing Other People, 5.17.2018

Talk with artist Dario Calmese and Lana Turner on the occasion of the exhibition Amongst Friends, 2.17.2018

Music Performance with artist Kevin Harris, 1.20.2018

Performance of “The Summoning” by artist Basil Kincaid, 9.26.2017

Artist and Curator Talk for the exhibition Transparency Shade: Seeing Through the Shadow, 4.8.2017

Artist Talk for the exhibition Haute Hip-Hop, 3.26.2016