Christine Corday

Spacewalker / +43F 14.7p

November 17, 2017 – January 20, 2018


projects+gallery is pleased to announce Spacewalker / +43F 14.7p, a solo exhibition of new work by Christine Corday.

Based in Hudson Valley, New York, American artist Christine Corday engages a material-based practice that interrogates the evolving human scale of perception and fundamental forces. Working with temperature, tangible states, and elemental metals as well as self-invented media, Corday often collaborates with international scientists and engineering organizations to develop her distinctive forms.

Corday’s compositions are materially informed and informing, heightening awareness of perceptual bias as well as broadening sensory engagement with touch and the indexical register of memory on their material surfaces. Other sculptural works explore the intimacy of shared public surfaces in a broad range of scales, and draw from studies in astronomy, cultural anthropology, chemistry, and phenomenology.

In +43F 14.7p Corday presents a new series of sculptures defined by temperature and pressure – the cosmological hammer and chisel. Training these vast tools to shape and define her objects' most intimate features, her studio-cum-cosmic practice essentially makes the act of folding the primary medium of this work. Each object is manipulated to embody the physical transition between states of matter, a material line-of-sight or line-of-experience that literally folds – or inverts – one's sensory capacity and bias. The object is perceived bound as a temperature, pressure or location relative to the other, becoming an record of the exact combination of elemental materials and forces imposed upon those materials rather than a privileged form divorced from the process of its creation.

The show title +43F 14.7p notes the temperature [F] and pressure [p] at the gallery's surface. The works are identified in 10-, 100-, and 10,000-pound increments and titled by the temperature and pressure folding them.

spacewalker_corday studio.jpg

In partnership with Barrett Barrera Projects, Corday debuts the first iteration of Spacewalker [1], a limited-edition suite of wearables from her new "uniformity" series. These pieces shift one's perception of location as separated from outer space to the realization of one's exact location in the universe. Spacewalker / +43F 14.7p is the premiere of this series, with further works to come in 2018.

[1]Spacewalker is a registered trademark of the Artist.

Spacewalker / +43F 14.7p will open at projects+gallery from 5 - 8 pm on Friday, November 17th and is free to the public. The exhibition will be on view at projects+gallery until Saturday, January 20th, 2018.

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